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WiFi Enabled Air Conditioners

WiFi Enabled Air Con's sysmbol

Announcing New WiFi Smartcontroller Technology

A range of air conditioning units are now available through Aircon WA to make life even more of a breeze. Regulate the temperature in a room on the opposite side of the house without even getting up using WiFi control; compatible with a selection of mobile devices.

WiFi Benefits

As well as having the added benefit of pre-cooling a room before entering, the Daikin SKYFi and LG WI-FI Smart Control systems can be operated outside of the house. This way, the whole house will be a comfortable temperature as soon as you arrive home from a hot summer day.

Activating your air conditoning remotely with WiFi can even have added benefits for elderly people and those with mobility issues. 90% of Australians with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) suffer negative effects from overheating and it has been proved the demand for air conditioning in households including people with MS is 4 to 12 times more than the average.

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Many people living in households with people coming and going at all times make the mistake of leaving their air conditioning on all day. Put less strain on the grid and be more energy efficient by operating your air conditioner remotely at particular times. Adjust the Daikin SKYFi or LG WI-FI Smart control while waiting to pick the kids up from school.

The LG WI-FI Smart Control will also enable you to view real time energy usage information and pre-set electricity consumption. An alert will warn you when you’re reaching your limit. For more tips on how to be energy efficient, visit our Energy Efficiency page.

Have you ever been guilty of forgetting when your air conditioning filter needs a good clean? Put a reminder in your phone or tablet with the Daikin SKYFi and MyAir Series 3 WiFi systems. This will ensure the busiest household will always have clean and energy efficient air conditioning.

Control your home with your Phone - App;e and Android sysmbols

Mobile Compatability

There's no need to worry about your smartphone or tablet's compatibility with out WiFi enabled air conditioners. All three WiFi systems are compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Which System is For You?

Wall Mounted Controller - -
Smartphone Control Outside of House -
Number of Zones 10 8* 8**
Help Function TBC
Outdoor Temperature Display - TBC
Set A Filter Clean Reminder TBC
Adjustable Airflow - -
Optional Extras Individual Temperature
Controls (ITC)

Provides energy
usage information
and alerts when
electricity consumption
is about to
reach pre-set limit

*Can only be used when Daikin All in One controller has been purchased
**Can only be used in conjunction with the LG Deluxe controller

WiFi Enabled Units

Aircon WA stock the full range of of LG Inverter Wall Hung Split air conditioning units that come with LG WI-FI Smart Control, including:

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The advantage of the Daikin SKYFi interface is that it can be installed with any of our Daikin Ducted air conditioning units.

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The intuitive technology behind the MyAir 3 control panel and app goes one step further than the rest, being compatible with Advantage Air units as well as LG, Daikin and Fujitsu.

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8 ½ Reasons Why Air Conditioning WA Stand Out From The Rest

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3/ In addition to all manufactures warranties we provide a 24 month warranty on installation and workmanship.
4/ All installations will be overseen by a senior ACWA site manager on the day of installation at your home.
5/ We remove all packaging and rubbish off site free of charge.
6/ We do not charge a surcharge when paying your deposit on Visa or MasterCard.
7/ We do not charge a surcharge when paying the balance on B Pay.
8/ We are happy to provide you with one of our most recent customers contact details for reassurance, (our customers invariably give this consent).
8 ½ / As Benjamin Franklin said “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of the low price is forgotten.

WHY ACWA? ....Because we Care!