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Energy Efficient Inverter Technology

Inverter technology refers to a form of compressor technology in an air conditioner’s outdoor unit. The two main forms of compressor are known as fixed speed and variable (inverter) speed. Fixed speed compressors run at a constant speed of 100%. They stop and start automatically to maintain the desired temperature. An inverter compressor can adjust speeds to deliver the right levels. Read below for comparisons and benefits of the two technologies


Because an inverter can fluctuate in output it has the capacity to be more energy efficient, as it is not operating at 100% whenever it is on. It also delivers extra energy savings by not having to constantly stop and restart the motor.


Inverters have a wider range of temperature modes to help your unit deal with extreme outdoor conditions. Inverters also operate faster getting you to your optimum temperature of comfort sooner.


Inverters deliver a more consistent temperature control experience because the system doesn’t shut off the moment it reaches the right level. It regulates and constantly varies as the conditions dictate.