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Looking for Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Con and not sure where to start!

Looking for Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Con and not sure where to start!

Some keys questions you should ask when looking for a new ducted reverse cycle system to best suit your needs:

• What brand will best suit my home?
We offer the Brands Daikin, LG and Fujitsu. The brand that we recommend will depend on your homes requirements as well as your budget.

• What size system will I require?
Once our designer has worked out the kW requirements for each zone in your home, he then sizes a system capable of running approx 70% of the home at one time. Again this will depend on how much of your home you need conditioned at one time and will be sized accordingly.

What componentry is used?
Componentry is an important aspect to consider when selecting a Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner as it includes the ducting, air regulators, zone motors, return air grille, diffusers and drip tray. We use Advantage Air which is a WA-owned and operated company and all ducting is hand rolled in Canning Vale so you can be sure you won’t receive any imported products.

• How does zoning work?
Zoning allows the client more flexibility with their Air Conditioning system. Zoning groups outlets together so they can be turned on and off together. This also allows you to only run the areas that you are using. Zoning configuration is determined by how the house will be used which varies for each client. Below is and example of a zoning configuration and the breakup of kW:

Zone 1 Family/Meals/Kitchen 9.3kW
Zone 2 Theatre 1.7kW
Zone 3 Bedroom1/Ensuite 2.5kW
Zone 4 Bedroom 2 1.6kW
Zone 5 Bedroom 3 1.5kW
Zone 6 Bedroom 4 1.6kW
Zone 7 Study 1.2kW

Day/Night Zone
The Day/Night zone involves grouping outlets to a Night zone (Bedrooms etc.) and others to a Day zone (Dining/Kitchen/Theatre etc.). This gives you the option to either run the Day zone or Night zone. As you can only run one zone at a time this means a smaller system is required and therefore more cost effective.

• How long will the installation take?
The full installation will be completed in one day, with a start time of 7am. Before any work commences our team leader will confirm all outlet and controller locations

• What warranty do I have?
If you have any issues with your system you can contact us directly and we lodge and follow-up the warranty on your behalf.
Installation warranty 2 years
Indoor and Outdoor Unit 5 years
Componentry - Zone motors 5 years
Componentry - Ducting 10 years

• What are the optional extras and do I need them?
Once again this will depend on the client and what you are hoping to get out of your system. Below is a little information on some our popular optional extras.

My Air 3 - $750.00
This is an optional controller upgrade. This is the latest touch screen controller from Advantage Ari that allows you to control your system and zones in all one (voiding the need for a separate system and zone controller). Some features of the My Air 3 include:
- Wifi Compatibility
- Adjustable Airflow (in 10% increments)
- Control up to 10 zones
- Optional VAV Thermostat add on - $100 Per VAV (this allows you to be able to set your desired temperature for each zone)

Duct Upgrade
R1 duct Upgrade . . . . . $250 (Free Upgrade to R1.0 during the Month of May)
R1.5 duct Upgrade . . . . $350
This will further increase your overall systems performance and efficiency.

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