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MyAir 3 V Izone

The Launch of Advantage Air`s MyAir series 3, signifies big changes in ducted reverse cycle air conditioning.

Energy efficient climate control, that`s Intuitive, High-tech, and pretty too.

But for those of you who are still unsure of what Myair series 3 has to offer; let me give you a non-geek brief of how this leading product has changed the reverse cycle air conditioning industry.

Traditionally ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems are installed with a hard wired wall controller that controls the air conditioners main functions mode, fan, on/off and a separate zone wall control panel is installed to control the zoned areas on/off.

The first thing that MyAir 3 does is eliminate the need for two wall controllers (in fact you can have no wall controllers if you wish but more on that later), the MyAir series 3 controller allows the user to control the air conditioning functions and the zoning all from one simple touch screen controller.

But that's just the start, MyAir 3 is designed to give exceptional control over the air flow to each zoned area by precise 10% increments so you can achieve your optimum comfort level.

For example, a home on a narrow block with back bedrooms facing north, would benefit from the complete control that MyAir 3 offers, as the warmer back bedrooms could be set to receive 100% airflow, whilst the cooler Theatre room can be dampened down to 60%, and living area 80%. Or whatever percentage suits your individual needs.

Want more control? Then upgrade any number of zones to ITC (individual thermostat control), a small thermostat is placed in the chosen zone and connects by wi-fi back to the MyAir 3 main controller, allowing you to set the precise temperature in that area perfect for a nursery to ensure junior doesn't get to cold or too hot.

At $100 per ITC zone this is the best value climate control product on the market. ITC also saves energy by not over air-conditioning rooms - the temperature sensors tell the system to automatically reduce airflow once your selected temperature has been reached.

Another great function is Smartphone Integration, control your air conditioner from your smart phone or tablet from anywhere in your home, no need for multiple wall controllers, you can have as many remote controllers for your air conditioner as you need. No ongoing fees apply, just download the APP from itunes store and you`re done.

MyAir 3 is currently fully integrated with Daikin ducted air conditioners and in the coming weeks LG air conditioners too.

If you would like to know if MyAir 3 is suitable for your existing home or home under construction, why not drop into our showroom at 353 Scarborough beach rd, and see MyAir 3 in action with our Daikin ducted display system.

Hope to see you soon,

Lisa Statham

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