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Advantage Air- MyAir 3

myair 3 air conditioner room temperature controller

The new MyAir 3 VAV room temperature controller $750

MyAir 3 offers the same intuitive features and control as its predecessors with some great new benefits.

myair 3 ducted airconditoner room temperature controller

  • Option of individual room air temperature control
  • 7-inch colour touch screen controller (pictured)
  • MyAir app for Apple and Android devices
  • Up to 10 zones (each room can be zoned individually)
  • Australian designed and manufactured.

* Android app available 1 Jan 2014

MyAir Series 3 reverse cycle ducted air-conditioning

Choose your happy number!

You now have the option of having a temperature sensor in
every room. Everyone can have their own room at their happy number
(the room temperature at which they feel comfortable).

The MyAir 3 VAV controls air flow automatically. Choose a specific room for the main sensor and set the temperature for other rooms. Your MyAir ducted air condition system will create the exact room temperature, adjusting for the most efficient power consumption.

Control how much air each room receives by percentage.

Now with up to 10 zones, you have more control over your home's climate. Plus the MyAir 3 VAV is superbly energy efficient. Set the air-conditioner to run only in rooms you are using.

Advantage air marketing image

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For air conditioning componentry and materials, you won’t find any better than Advantage Air. It`s not just their performance and reliability that sets advantage air products apart from the rest. The highly evolved nature of their award winning systems is evident in the product design, usability and reliability. Advantage Air guarantee their ducting components for 10 years.

the MyAir tablet and other adantage air products

Air Conditioning WA proudly offers this WA-owned and operated company because the full range of their products and continuing value to the consumer.

More Advantage Products . . .

Exact Air Regulator

Large duct for air-conditionersHoused in the ducting, dampers control how much air goes where. Instead of the usual single "scoop" damper, it has four Opposed Blades, hence the term Opposed Blade Dampers. Think of them of as a series of double doors that can open and close in precise increments, versus a standard damper that hinges like a pivot door.
You’re rewarded with smoother, quieter more even airflow, while Advantage Air were rewarded with an Australian Design Mark award for innovation.


All ducting is not created equal. This is definitely one case where silver wins out over gold as it offers greater heat reflection. Advantage Air has further improved their ducting’s insulation properties by lining it in high density polyester. Plus they have included a stainless steel spring inner coil for added strength and shape retention. The result of all this engineering is the ducting meets Australian strength, mould, temperature and fire standards. And if that doesn’t blow you away, the 10-year warranty will.

Return Air

Diffusers for air-conditionersThe MyAir system includes triple layer filters that trap particles, delivering 30% cleaner air than a standard product. The system comes equipped with a LED warning light to alert you when the filters need cleaning which are easily accessed and cleaned for maximum efficiency. This means your family or staff can breathe easier.

Air-conditioning Diffusers

The vents through which air conditioned air enters a room after it has been climate controlled is called a diffuser. The MyAir system offers a range of diffuser designs to fit in with the design of your home and the personality of its occupants. Examples include:

Diffusers for air-conditioners

  • Stream line – 7 point setting system that can be adjusted to let you distribute air where you want. Non-intrusive blade design.
  • Silhouette – Gentle as a whisper, distributes air evenly and silently
  • Linear Elite – A stylish diffuser designed for modern homes
  • Small Linear – Compact design perfect for installing on walls
  • Round Ceiling – Working to diffuse air evenly with the minimal visual impact, blending with round light fittings and downlights

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